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“Play the money game to win – Rich people play the money game to win. Their goal is to create massive wealth and abundance. Poor people play the money game to not lose. Their goal is survival and security.” – T Harv Eker

TAGG is a gamification derivative of SIX CAPITAL’s award winning business model (tagthechief) that exploits the daily fluctuations of the FX market; designed to simplify forex trading for everyone.

SIX CAPITAL is headquartered in Singapore. They have Utility Trading Centres (UTC) in India and China house and trained an army of Utility Traders who are trained in the Chief’s Proprietary Price Action Trading methodology. They also partners with e2i, Chartered Banker Institute, People’s Bank of China, Global Village Champions Foundation, Singapore Institute of Management and Wall Street Journal.


The company has guaranteed 2-5% return per month through this scheme.


This concept is based on the award winning business model introduced by SIX CAPITAL.

Utility Traders trade with the singular focus of making small and consistent profits; precisely timing trades’ optimal entry and exit levels. All utility trades are closed in 90 second.

All Utility Traders execute their trades on demo accounts to isolate themselves from the emotional factors associated with trading, such as greed and fear.

Through data analytic and  close monitoring of various Utility Traders, the company uses a trading platform to identify the high-probability winning trades. With that, the company will tag the high-probability winning trades with live funds using our investments. This creates a win-win situation where both parties (i.e. The company and investors) win.

Tag the chief programme

Find out more about SIX CAPITAL Pte Ltd.


SIX CAPITAL deploy its approaches in an innovative manner,  it allows the investors to form “Nexus” and “Hexa” using “Gold Nodes” or “Blue Nodes”. Each “Node” comes with a price tag of US$100 or US$1K investment respectively.  Each “Nexus” will take up 10 “Nodes” while each “Hexa” will take up 6 “Nexus”.  You will receive amplification bonus once you have formed each Nexus.

To fully appreciate and understand how it works, you could take a look at their mechanics, their guidebook and their Frequently Asked Questions.

Do email me at patricksia2004@gmail.com if you need further explanation.

Step 1:

You will need to sign up through this page.

Under your referrer’s email, please input “Patricksia2004@gmail.com”  if you would like to receive a strategy for me where you could invest less as required but still enjoy the same benefits. Simply just purchase 3 “Gold” Node.

Once done, you should receive a welcome email from the company.

Step 2:

You could fund your account through cheque, bank transfer or cash, or credit card payment.

Proof of payment –

Do state that your referral email is “Patricksia2004@gmail.com”.

Step 3:

Email your name, email address and contact number to me. Do state that you have put “Patricksia2004@gmail.com” as your referrer. Once I have verified it with the company, I will share with you how your could invest at a lesser amount but still enjoying similar earning.

strategy book_final

Weekly report will be sent to the investors on the earning. To withdraw your profits (i.e. the company uses the term “Harvest the nodes”), you should notify the company by 15th day of the month and your payout will be issued 7 days from end of the month.

take profit

To withdraw your investment or capital (i.e. the company uses the term “Selling nodes”), you should also notify them  by 15th day of the month and your payout will be issued 7 days from end of the month.

take capital

To top up your investments (i.e. purchase more nodes), you could get to this page and sign up again with your same information.


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